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Company Profile


A family-owned business for three generations, Tom Hennig Company was incorporated in 1962. Our founder, Tom Hennig, Jr., initially specialized in the valuation and liquidation and brokering of surplus industrial equipment. It became clear that the best way to realize a fair return on most types of equipment was through auctions. Since 1971, Tom Hennig Company has used auctions to sell machinery and equipment to achieve better than average “quick sale” return for our clients.

Our Appraisals / Valuations aid our clients in making sound financial business decisions. Expanding into the global marketplace, we have made our mark in providing Chartered Engineers Certificates to exporters of used equipment.



Our Mission

To provide creative solutions to our clients business problems with an honest and professional approach.

Need a Chartered Engineer Certificate?

Tom Hennig Company is the premier American company to provide this service. We have many years of experience in efficiently providing Chartered Engineer Certificates to businesses in a myriad of industries.

  • Need to Import or Export Equipment & Machinery?

    We can help!
    After inspection, we provide a Chartered Engineer Certificate of Import.
    The Certificate lists all the used equipment with its current market value in a format required by customs.
    Our seal is recognized and respected at customs.