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Tom Hennig Company auctions produce a better than average quick sale return on your investment. We believe in no surprises for our clients. We evaluate your equipment and design an auction program to maximize the value returned at auction.

Tom Hennig Company has a background of diverse auctions, including construction, industrial, and hi-technologicial equipment & machinery. Our broad range of expertise ensures a professional and effective relationship with our clients.


Our Expertise Includes:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Automobiles, Buses, Trucks, Aircraft
  • Machine Shops – Wood & Metal
  • Shipyards & Watercraft
  • Hi-Tech Electronic & Industrial Parts
  • School Surplus
  • Farm Machinery & Equipment
  • Printing Equipment & Supplies
  • Industrial Plants
  • Laboratory Equipment & Fixtures


If you are preparing to liquidate all or part of your industrial asset pool, put the power of Tom Hennig Company to work for you.

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Need a Chartered Engineer Certificate?

Tom Hennig Company is the premier American company to provide this service. We have many years of experience in efficiently providing Chartered Engineer Certificates to businesses in a myriad of industries.

  • Need to Import or Export Equipment & Machinery?

    We can help!
    After inspection, we provide a Chartered Engineer Certificate of Import.
    The Certificate lists all the used equipment with its current market value in a format required by customs.
    Our seal is recognized and respected at customs.