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Tom Hennig Company provides a diverse and comprehensive array of business services.


Appraisal Services

Complete equipment asset appraisals to valuing individual pieces of equipment. Tom Hennig Company brings more than 35 years of experience to the table.

Chartered Engineer Certificates

These documents are used to satisfy Customs regulations and expedite used equipment shipments and allow easy entry to foreign countries.Owners or Agents contact Tom Hennig Company knowing that we have the experience to accelerate the Customs process for their second hand equipment shipments with the proper documents.


Auction / Liquidation Services

Auctions are not always the answer to selling surplus assets. Owners contact Tom Hennig Company to liquidate their property instead of the auction method or list individual pieces of equipment for sale.

Need a Chartered Engineer Certificate?

Tom Hennig Company is the premier American company to provide this service. We have many years of experience in efficiently providing Chartered Engineer Certificates to businesses in a myriad of industries.

  • Need to Import or Export Equipment & Machinery?

    We can help!
    After inspection, we provide a Chartered Engineer Certificate of Import.
    The Certificate lists all the used equipment with its current market value in a format required by customs.
    Our seal is recognized and respected at customs.